Accommodation and Travel السكن والسفر


Teaching staff: Shared accommodation will be provided. These are for people of single status only as we cannot accommodate families. There are usually four people in an apartment with one large living room, three bathrooms and one large kitchen.
Senior management: Private single room suites with own bathroom, kitchen and lounge are provided.

There are shared washing machines available in the accommodation. The machines might be a different than what you’re used to. Alternatively, you can take you washing to the laundrette close by where it costs approximately 20 SARS for a load of washing to be washed and dried. 

Each lounge area has a television which has a range of television channels available including five English channels. 

Each bedroom includes a desk, a television and a small fridge.

There is access to Wi-Fi in the apartments, although this is periodically disrupted by power cuts. You might not be able to find all the websites you want however as the internet is filtered by the Saudi Arabian government. You can find further information about what websites are filtered by doing a simple google search before leaving for Saudi.

Due to the distance to the town centre, most people do their cooking in the accommodation and take the opportunity to savour the local fuit and vegetables, herbs and spices. You will need to purchase your own water for drinking.


We will provide all staff with annual flights home, travel and medical insurance including emergency assistance if required. 

Getting Around

While you are living and working in Saudi we will provide transport to and from the college and to do your weekly shopping. Male staff may prefer to rent a car, you should always have your International Driving Permit (IDP) available to show.


There are two airports nearby:

  • Al Wajh airport which has one flight per day from / to Jeddah and two flights in and out a week from Riyadh

  • Yanbu airport which is about 150 km from Umluj (1-1.5 hours to drive) and 280 km from Al Wajh (2.5 – 3 hours to drive).

We will arrange a driver to collect staff from Yanbu or Al Wajh airports to take them to either Umluj or Al Wajh.

Al Wahj city served by the Al Wajh Domestic Airport and has close links with the city of Tabuk, with a road connecting the two locations. 

Useful Link: Transport & Driving in Saudi Arabia