Life in Al Wajh

الحياة في مدينة الوجه

On a normal day the bus collects you around 7.15-7.30am to take you to the college for teaching or any other related work. Three times a week, the female staff bus stops at the supermarket on the way home so you can buy food and any other supplies you might need.

Fruit and vegetables are usually good quality and fresh, however that can depend on the time of year. There is a very limited supply of fresh meat, but there is a fish market. Cereal is limited to children’s varieties but things like nuts are reasonably cheap.

Walking to the town centre takes about 45 minutes, so twice a week, around 8:30pm, after nightly prayers, you can catch the MWSA bus to the Al Wajh town centre. While in town, the men can have dinner at one of the local restaurants. The options for restaurants and costs are:

•   Burgers – approximate cost Burger and Chips 25 SARS
•   Pakistani – curry and bread 6 SARS
•   Kebabs – approximate cost 8 SARS
•   Pizza – approximate cost 25 SARS

You can also go shopping in some of the town centre shops. Stores are often for men or women only. In the Al Wajh town centre, there are more stores for women than there are for men. There is a small variety of stores including a stationary store, a well-equipped pharmacy, beauticians for women, cosmetics store, clothing store and a shop where you can purchase mobile phones.

On nights when you don’t go to the town centre you can go to the beach, which is about 10 minutes walk from the accommodation and walk along the promenade. Only men are allowed on the actual beach.

According to many of our teachers, female teachers enjoy a more active social life than men while in Al Wajh.  Female teachers are often invited by the local women to have dinner in their homes.

You can stay home instead of going out, where you might head up to the rooftop to relax and spend some time with your other colleagues/friends or you might join someone to watch a movie.

Al Wajh is a small town, with about 40,000 people living there, so there are limited options for things to do, similar to living in any small town around the world. You can hire a driver however, so you can travel to some other cities nearby in the weekends.

Around Al Wajh