Visa Process إجراءات التأشيرة

We will support you to get your work visa (Iqama) and will reimburse you the agent fees of your visa process. Visas are processed with the assistance of an "authorised agent" in your home country. These authorised agents are companies that specialise in issuing visas for Saudi and they have contacts within the Embassy/Consulate of your home country, which helps to speed up and to solve any obstacles/doubts we find in the process.

We will provide information on the visa process in your home country, however visa regulations are subject to change at short notice and might be slightly different from one country to another - you should contact your respective Embassy or Consulate or "authorised agent" for the latest details.

Visa Process

(Note: this is a guide only and more detail will be provided upon appointment. This may be subject to change depending on your home country, and may take several weeks)

Main requirements for permanent work visa (iqama):


Can vary from one country to another


Complete Visa Application Form


Electronic authorisation from the ministry of foreign affairs in Saudi (TAFWEED)


Supply one recent passport sized photo (in colour on white background)


Present original passport with two blank pages facing each other and valid for at least one year from date of departure


Have a copy of passport's page details


Get a medical report form completed and signed by your physician stating that you have no infectious diseases (AIDs, Hepatitis) and have it attested


Criminal records / police clearance


Original copy of your degree with attestation (only for some professions)


Original employment work contract signed and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the chamber of commerce in Saudi